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Supporting Well-being through Mindfulness, Dramatherapy, Theraplay® and Creativity!


About Ciara


Ciara is a qualified Dramatherapist, Mindfulness Teacher and Drama Facilitator and is trained in Theraplay® Informed  Practice.


Ciara is a qualified Dramatherapist MA (Hons) from NUI Maynooth and has trained  in Level One Theraplay® Informed Practice with The Theraplay® Institute.  She has over 20 years experience working creatively in schools with young people and is a qualified Drama Teacher from the London School Of Music.

Ciara received professional training in teaching Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) from the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice, University of Bangor.


She has also trained with the UK Based Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP) to teach children, teenagers, teachers/parents and anyone who works with young people.



Ciara worked as a Dramatherapist and Mindfulness Teacher for Dublin City ETB with The School Completion Programme in Finglas, Dublin for 13 years, working with children and young people who were considered to be at risk of leaving school early due to behavioural, emotional, family and/or social difficulties.  She also works with children in Genesis Psychotherapy and Family Therapy Service. 

Ciara uses her skills as a therapist and her knowledge of Drama, Mindfulness and Play to work through the many issues that these young people face on a daily basis, in a creative way.


Ciara also works on a freelance basis as a Mindfulness Teacher for adults and young people and has worked in settings such as: gyms, health & wellbeing centres and yoga centres.


Ciara works as a Drama Facilitator at The Academy of Performing Arts, Navan, and has regularly taught for The Gaiety School of Acting.



Ciara acts, writes and directs regularly with Theatre Groups in Dublin, Meath and Cavan.  She is the Vice Chairperson of Navan Theatre Group.   Her first play 'Dope' won the Best New Playwright Award and she won the Best Actress Award in the Cork Arts Theatre Writers Week in 2014. Her play 'Giddyup's Way' was one of three plays that received a full professional rehearsed reading at the New Theatre's Writers Week in Dublin in 2017, with performances by Geraldine Plunkett, Daniel Reardon, Phelim Drew and Sue Collins. Ciara has written and performed under the guidance of Padraic McIntyre with the Ramor Writers Group in Virginia, Cavan.  In 2019 Ciara was one of ten new playwrights to be accepted onto the Abbey Theatre's (National Theatre of Ireland) Abbey Begins Programme, where she studied under one of their Resident Playwrights with the opportunity to discuss her writing with the new writing team.   


Mission Statement

Ciara is committed to promoting the value of Mindfulness and Creative well-being through providing high quality courses and workshops such as Mindfulness Courses, Dramatherapy sessions and Drama Facilitation which aid in the development and enhancement of personal well being, positive mental health, confidence, social skills and personal development and creativity for people within the counties of Dublin and Meath.

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