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Creative Drama Classes

The main aims of the Creative Drama groups that I run are as follows:

  1. To encourage self-confidence amongst the students in the class.

  2. To help the students to develop their social skills with each other

  3. To encourage the students to co-operate and work hand in hand with each other.

  4. To stimulate imagination and creativity.

  5. To encourage the students to voice their ideas and to listen and understand other's ideas and suggestions.

  6. To introduce the students to different acting styles and techniques and to build upon them.

  7. To have fun!

I am one of the Artists appointed to the TAP (Artists and Teachers Partnership) and BLAST (Bringing Live Arts to Students and Teachers) Programme.  This is a Department of Education Initiative.  As well as teaching Drama in schools I have worked for The Gaiety School of Acting on their Outreach Programmes, providing workshops on Communication Skill, Team Work, and Confidence Building as well delivering their Positive Mental Health programme in secondary schools and their Self-esteem and Emotional Wellbeing programme in primary schools. 

I have also worked for The Academy of Performing Arts in Navan working with students aged 6 - 18 years old. 

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