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Excellent, comprehensive training from week 1 to week 8.  Ciara made the group feel very welcome, capable and secure (all information shared was confidential).  'The group was relaxed and non-judgemental.  Enjoyed every moment!

                                                  Michelle Wilson (teacher)



Ciara was very experienced and knowledgeable in regards to this field.  This made her very trustworthy and gave me the confidence to get lost in her practices.   The most valuable aspects for me were the practical routines that I have incorporated into daily life and the body scan exercise which I try to incorporate now at least once a week. 

                                                    Emma Macken (teacher)


I would most definitely recommend this training to others.  It brings us back down from the rat race we are all living.   Ciara, you're a beautiful calming soul.  You have given me the tools in which I can use in my everyday life to make it better for me and my family.  Thank you for sharing your gift with us all.  

                                                    Louise McGettigan


The most valuable aspects of the training were the sharing amongst the groups with the guidance of Ciara.  I knew by week one that I was in a safe and good environment that I could relax and enjoy.  I have already recommended this training to others.  It has shown me I'm not alone in seeking ways to relax and live in a happier, less stressful place.  I enjoyed every moment of the course and ill miss the sessions.  the course was well structured, well delivered and very professional.  

                                                      M. Brennan

Feedback after doing practices from Primary school children in Finglas : 

  • I became more focused and that put my mind to what I was doing.  My mind cleared up and my flashlight of attention shone on that one thing.   

  • I was frustrated before I did the practice and then I was relaxed.  

  • I became more focused and my mind went clear.  

  • I felt really, really good after I finished it, then I tried it once more. 

  • I felt a bit more comfortable.  I knew what's going on.  

  • It helped me work better. 

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