Ciara is a Professional Member of the Irish Association of Creative Arts Therapists (IACAT) and adheres to their professional code of conduct and ethics within her work.

Insurance - PPS Trust

Ciara is a member of Psychologists Protection Society (PPS) and is insured through them to teach mindfulness and practice Dramatherapy.

GDPR, safeguarding and Garda vetting.

Ciara has been Garda vetted in all the places of employment where she works with children and she adheres to her employers safeguarding polices for children.  

Within Ciara's places of employment she adheres to their GDPR policies.  

In her own private practice with clients, Ciara respects their privacy and she:

  • Collects no more data than is necessary from an individual for the purpose for which it will be used.

  • Obtains personal data fairly from the individual by giving them notice of the collection and it's purpose.

  • Retains the data for long than is necessary for that specified purpose.

  • keeps data safe and secure

  • Provides an individual with a copy of his or her personal data if they request it. 

Ciara will keep clients email addresses on file only if they give permission.


Ciara attends regular Supervision for her work. 



087 6459324

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